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We continually develop pharmaceutical products with world-leading expertise that support safety, quality and commercial viability. We innovate and challenge ourselves to be the very best in our field.

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At Quay Pharma our job is not simply to find an effective method of drug delivery for each new product, it is to find the best and most effective method possible.

Our comprehensive, flexible range of services enables clients to bring drug products through the various stages of clinical development; from pre-formulation work to formulation, dosage form design and optimisation.

From our GMP facilities we can extend this into full manufacturing and packaging support for Phase I, Phase II and small-scale Phase III trials. Quay Pharma also provide a fully-integrated service for the development and manufacture of specials, an acutely important area of medicine. Our outstanding analytical services team will support projects throughout their progress.

Quay Pharma’s team of scientists works under the direction of Chairman Professor Mike Rubinstein and Chief Scientific Officer Professor John Collet, who each have over 30 years hands on experience. Together, the team represents an exceptional depth of pharmaceutical development knowledge, accumulated through many years work in academia and industry.

Every project benefits from our robust project management as well as our technical proficiency. Offering advice and development for all dosage forms and drug types, we have particular expertise in developing products for oral or topical delivery including; tablets, capsules, liquids, gels and creams. From traditional small molecules to proteins, peptides and larger biological agents, Quay Pharma can work with substances of all types, in all therapeutic areas.

Particular satisfaction we derive from the more challenging projects, such as finding effective delivery methods for drugs that exhibit poor solubility and bioavailability or which require a modified or controlled release and have a strong record of success in solving the more difficult problems.

As part of SGS, Quay Pharma also provides diverse range of trusted testing solutions that match your biologics and small molecule needs and help you navigate your journey to market. Through our global network of laboratories and clinical trial facilities, we offer integrated services and expertise that provide knowledge, flexibility and ability to scale. To learn more visit SGS Health Science

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